The Dead Must Die

TDMD is a web series for gamers, by gamers.

Matthew Snyman’s zombie apocalypse was released to the internet on Daily Motion.  My main responsibilities as a crew member included; sound capture, fight choreography, being fed by Matt, voice-over and a few cameo appearances as various zombie artists.

Acting as various zombie artists is so fun I didn’t even mind getting naked for one of them!

So here are some behind the scenes shots from my archive…

Zombie Steve (pre-shooting)

Steve in full zombie make up. We’re smiling now because he hasn’t realised the amount of pain he’ll be in later…

IMG_0695 IMG_0751 IMG_0686IMG_0662

Me Zombie

Getting that zombie make-up off was evil; it’s like it bonds with your skin! Still, looks cool 😉

Zombie Home

Is it over? Can we go home and soak in the bath, then soak in another 3 baths until I’m relatively human again..

You can click on this link to be taken to Matt’s site and watch the entire series:

It does have EVERYTHING.. examples; there are blizzards, chainsaws, crossbows, anti-zombie mobs and a creepy nameless ninja chick. What more could any zombie appreciator/Left 4 Dead pro ask for?

Still unsure? Ok, here’s the first episode to make things simple: